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When looking to remodel your garage don't forget to consider upgrading your flooring! Epoxy flooring can help with the visual appeal of the garage while also boosting it's value. The floor will be easy to maintain, all you need is a little water and a brush for the occasional cleaning! Our floors are proven to stand up to the everyday traffic your garage experiences that come from both motor vehicle and foot traffic. We leave a slightly abrasive texture to the floor which allows you to maintain grip and not slip as it gets wet. Sure you can go get an epoxy kit or use an installer with limited experience, but will your floor last and will you be truly satisfied with your investment?

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1. Epoxy is More Durable

When it comes to choosing the most durable material for your garage floor, epoxy coating wins hands down. That’s because it’s made of heavy-duty, resin-based polymers that are impact resistant, as well as heat, mildew and chemical resistant. In fact, epoxy flooring can typically last for up to 20 years. Also, epoxy is much easier to clean than concrete, making it extremely low maintenance.

4. Epoxy Has Greater Aesthetic Appeal

Imagine paying top dollar for attractive custom garage cabinets, and then having to place them on top of ugly concrete flooring. If you want a cosmetically pleasing appearance to your garage or commercial floor, epoxy coating can give you the exact look that you want, because it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This makes epoxy flooring an excellent choice if you want to upgrade the look of your drab concrete floors.

2. Epoxy is More Environmentally Friendly

Many of today’s epoxy floorings are made with solvent-free chemicals. This means that they don’t contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can emit dangerous gases to the environment. In addition, Epoxy installation involves less waste. Concrete and tile installation typically generates several wheelbarrows full of scraps to throw out; but epoxy is poured each section at a time, eliminating waste.

5. Epoxy Coating Hides Scratches

Many of us store tools in our garages, but those sharp edge can lead to scratches if they fall on most flooring types. Not only does adding an epoxy coat to your garage floor mask scratches that already exist, but you’ll also worry less about additional damage in the future as well as stains that normal concrete will generate over it's life.

3. Epoxy is Safer

 Being a porous material, concrete can be a natural breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Concrete acts as a sponge and holds moisture causing the damp conditions that are perfect for growing mold and mildew. Epoxy floors are impervious, seamless systems offering no place for mold, mildew or bacteria to grow. Also, epoxy flooring comes with slip-proof coatings, so there’s less danger of falls and other accidents caused by slipping and skidding.

6. Epoxy is More Affordable

Epoxy flooring is extremely cost-effective, because a) it can be installed directly over an existing concrete floor, and b) it’s so durable, you won’t need to replace it for many years to come. In addition, epoxy flooring is available in a wide range of prices; so when you’re choosing garage floor epoxy, cost doesn’t have to be a primary consideration.

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When it’s time to shop for flooring, you’ll want to be able to choose from among the best garage floor epoxy coatings on the market. Palm Beach Coatings offers a large selection of top quality epoxy garage floor coatings for both commercial and residential properties, at prices for every budget. 


If you’re ready to start shopping for quality epoxy flooring, be sure to contact Palm Beach Coatings for a free consultation. For absolutely no cost, you’ll be able to talk to an installation expert who can help you choose the best epoxy flooring for your home or business.

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